A Bad Day…

Yesterday, when I finally got out of bed, I made an over-sized pot of coffee, answered a few emails, browsed the Internet for funny videos, and then finally collected myself enough to make an appearance at the gym.

Only I wasn’t really feelin’ it so I rep’d out a few squats and called it a good day.

I came back home, showered, and considered starting to pack up all my things. I have to be out of my apartment by next week.. Ah, there’ll be time for that later.

I set up a fort on the ground instead. I turn on the TV to watch CP3 put in work vs. the Spurs. Halftime came and I realize I hadn’t eaten yet, so pizza it is! Oh, and throw some of those popcorn chicken nuggets in there too. I like those.

I get the pizza in time for the second half.

The game ends. The pizza (and nuggets) are gone. I continue the momentum I have going; I turn on Netflix. I watch an interesting documentary on why there are so many fat kids in America. That too ends, and so does a large bag of cherries.

It’s now been 3 hours of television watching (the American average), but it’s too late. Momentum has me. I ignore calls from 4 or 5 family members and friends. I feel guilty for screening their calls, but my energy is zilch.

Between being brain dead, and the food coma I’m in there is only one thing I have the energy to do: watch Friends. It’s like Netflix has read my mind. I don’t even have to hit “next episode,” it just plays.

Netflix asks me if I’m “still watching?”

Of course I’m still watching. I eat some more.

It’s now 10pm. I’m depressed, lonely, and full of shame.

The most difficult part about writing a blog is sharing useful information, in an effective way, without coming off as condescending or having a “I’m better than you, scrub” tone.

As you can see, I too, am a scrub. But there are two lessons found within my Sad Sunday:

1) The Power of Momentum

Giving up on my workout led to me turning on the TV, which led to ordering a pizza, which led ignoring to social calls, to more TV, and more snacks. Momentum is a powerful thing, not just throughout your day, but week after week, year after year. The more we do unhealthy activities, the more we want to do unhealthy activities, or vice versa on the positive side. In investing they call it compound interest. In health/fitness we call it healthy habits. Small actions, turned into habits, create your life.

(Read: The Slight Edge)

2) It’s a New Day

Whatever happened yesterday, last week, last year does not mater. The only thing we can do now is learn something from our experiences, and try not to repeat the same mistake twice. I lost my power to Joey, Phoebe and the gang yesterday, but today is a new day. This week is a new week. I woke up at 6am to write this blog. I’m about to go exercise, work, and study today. I’m going to attack the day like I’m on fire. I have to flip the power of momentum to push me up rather than down. 

None of us are perfect, but all of us can do a little better today than we did yesterday. Have a great week, and build some positive momentum! 






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