Be Wealthy/Healthy/Sexy to Become Wealthy/Healthy/Sexy

Dr. Jade Teta was a 225 pound, 600-pound-squatting, scary, high school running back who graduated from NC State University with a degree in Biochemistry, continued onto medical school, started a fitness business that generates passive income, and wrote two books.

But before he went on to accomplish any of these things, he told everybody he was going to do so.

Can you imagine a rock solid, high-school-athlete-bald-guy telling you he’s going to go to medical school? Or that he is going to write a book?

You’d probably look at him funny, and say “Yeah right, bro.”

Jade is now successful beyond most of our wildest dreams, and for the past three years I have been lucky enough to live with, and learn from him.

One of the most powerful lessons he taught me is this idea of “Be-Do-Have.”

When most of us fantasize & dream about our future we think in a “Have-Do-Be” model rather than “Be-Do-Have,” meaning we think success works like this —

1 . We need to have the things we want – money, love, sex, a six pack, a crib with a pool table & a robot that retrieves beers for us..

so we can 2. do the activities we want to do – relax on a nude beach, travel the world, sleep in until noon, have models rub our back, shop at Whole Foods without losing a whole paycheck..

which leads us to 3. be what we want to be – happy, successful, fulfilled, a doctor, an inventor, a rap superstar.

But we need to revise this process, and act like the 225-pound fullback gone doctor/author/liver-of-life.

Jade told people he was writing a book before he had a publisher or an audience interested in what he had to say. But he was also acting as a writer would (i.e. he was writing his ass off). He was acting as if he was going to medical school (searching, applying, interviewing) without the affirmation from the world that he could do it.

We need to heed this advice.

1. Be the person we want to be first.

Want to be a wealthy person? Begin to act like the wealthy – invest your money, begin to add value to the world that people pay for, switch from a consumer to an owner.

Want to be healthy? Hit the gym, change your diet, and learn about your body.

Want to be a ladies man? Then you better become someone the ladies like – interesting, passionate, ambitious, authentic.

Once we become the person we want to be, then we begin to 2. do the things we want to do, so we can 3. have everything we want in this world.

I want to be somebody who can travel anytime he wants to, while making money online, and making a difference in somebody’s life. So this week I flew out to Utah to visit my girl, I am writing a blog, working on my website, and learning about the best places to invest my money so it grows while I sleep.

Is it scary?

Hell yeah!

I live on the poverty line, my mom still pays my phone bill & health insurance (good lookin’ out Mom!), I’ve aways gotten C’s & D’s on writing assignments throughout school, and I’m trying to be a writer? What the fuck?!?

But if this is the life I want to live, then I better begin to act like it.

Leave a comment below or shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know 1. What is it that you want to be in this world & 2. How are you acting like it? 

**If you dig on psychology and want to see the scientific research behind the voodoo I am talking about then check out the book The As If Principle: The Radically New Approach to Changing Your Life by Richard Wiseman**

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