1+1 = 50,000 | Day 1 #30DayBlogBlitz

I’m out here in Santa Monica, California for the next month, and I have a single focus for how I want to spend my time: write my ass off.

I am going to drop 30 posts over the next 30 days covering everything self-development. I’ll share ideas, thoughts, tips, tools, and experiences that deal will happiness, confidence, health, relationships, and mindset.

Some of these things I have gotten pretty good at, others I freakin’ suck at, but I’ll share them regardless because of how helpful they have been for my clients, or myself, in the past. Whether or not I have the willpower and ability to stick with them is a whole other discussion.

Some posts you may think are cool and helpful, others you may think are whack. That’s fine. Take what works for you, and leave the rest.

The first tool is something I stole from this dude Brian Johnson, and it’s one of those things that I suck at. However, it’s an extremely important idea, and relates well to this 30 Day Blog Blitz. It’s called the +1/-1 Tool.

Often times we succumb to what I call the “lottery mindset.” We think life is going to happen in these big, life-shaking moments (like winning the lottery). We get caught up in thinking about these big opportunities like landing our dream job, meeting our dream lady, or winning a lifetime of free Chipotle.

I know I do. I spend most of my day thinking about the future, and the direction of my career and relationships, which leaves me feeling drained, overwhelmed, and zoning out to ESPN. Instead, I should be learning how businesses work, spending time with real life business Gs, and figuring out solutions for my team at Metabolic Effect. I should be thinking of ways to make Kelsey’s day, calling my people at least once per week, and working on my tendencies to shut out the world and zone out with sports and popcorn. 

That’s where the +1/-1 tool comes in. The quality of our years are the result of how we spend our days, and the quality of our days are made up of how we spend our moments. Every moment we have the power to make a decision. We can move towards our dreams and goals (+1) or away from them (-1).

Do you hit the snooze button (-1) or get out of bed (+1)?

Are you going to get a large movie theater popcorn (-1) or hit the gym (+1)?

Will you turn on the TV (-1) or write (+1)?

Or whatever decisions you face when talking about your personal struggles and goals. But at the end of any given day, your score adds up. As a former basketball player, this idea really appeals to me. I’m trying to get Mo’ buckets, not less.

A +1 here or a -1 there isn’t a huge deal in of itself, but if you score 50,000 points over the course of 5 years, your life will be 50,000 points better. +50,000 points can land you your dream job. -50,000 can put you on the street.

All of these small decisions we make are either pushing us an inch towards or an inch away where you want to be.

A life is a collection of moments compounded on one another. Every moment we are either moving forward or backwards.

Will you be +500 everyday? Of course not. This morning I got up early, right when my alarm clock went off (+1), but then I ate popcorn for breakfast (-1). Right now, I’m writing a blog post (+1), but I’m also on my forth cup of coffee (-1).

Every decision we make is a point in one direction or the other. By becoming more mindful, we can begin to score more points, and work our way towards winning that lifetime of free Chipotle.. I mean, becoming rich and famous and shredded. 

Today, let’s aim to get more +1s than -1s. Then let’s do the same tomorrow.. and the next day.. Get into the habit of scoring your moments. When we become more mindful of the decisions we’re making, rather than just coasting on autopilot, we can begin to make better decisions. And once we make better decisions, we begin to have better days. Better days lead to better years, and better years lead to great lives. 

Until tomorrow..

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