What To Do When Change Gets Hard | Day 5 #30DayBlog Challenge

“Greatness is predicated on consistently doing things that other can’t or won’t. Simply put, success is not about being brilliant. It is about being consistent.” – Jason Selk, Tom Bartow, authors of Organize Tomorrow Today

Let me be honest with you; I’ve spent the day lounging around with Pip the puppy, laughing with the ME Crew, watching Ali, and eating nonstop. No lie, it’s been an incredible Sunday.

The problem is that now I feel bloated, tired, lazy, and all I want to do is pour up some booze and zone out to Game of Thrones and the NBA Finals.

I see it all the time with my clients, and myself; anytime we try to implement new changes in life we get hit with a period of resistance.

It’s like pushing a big ole rock up a mountain. You feel excited about the challenge ahead. You’re going to be “the one” to push this boulder up the hill. You think of all the fame and fortune your village will bestow upon you as the person who finally got that big ass rock up and over the mountain (stay with me).

So we use all that early excitement and run full throttle into the boulder to get it moving. And sure, it’s a heavy ass rock and it doesn’t move as quickly as we would like, but our early excitement and motivation are still there… for a day or two.

Come days 3, or 4, or day 5 our initial excitement begins to ware off. The hill is so big, nobody else is pushing the rock, and it’ll be much more enjoyable to head back to the town pub and slam a few with your friends and talk about Steph Curry’s Game 2 performance.

But this is the time to dig deep. This is the time to keep going, keep pushing, or in my case, keep writing.

It’s absolutely essential to win these “Fight Thru” moments.

Why is it so Important to Win The Fight Thrus?

Well, there are two reasons: 

1) It will get easier

When you win these fight thru periods, you are one step closer to locking in a “winning habit.” And once those habits form, everything becomes much, much easier (or harder if you form a “losing habit”).

Once you push that boulder up and over the hill, it will catch momentum and roll itself down to the otherside.

2) We’re watching us

One of the things that came up today with the ME Crew was this whole idea that we’re watching ourselves. Yes, you read that right. 

Just as we judge others based on what they do, we judge, and form a picture of who we are based on what we do.

Are you somebody who quits on commitments? Are you somebody who is mentally tough enough to push through these pain periods?

Are you somebody who does what others won’t now, so you can do what other cannot later? Everytime you win a fight thru, the next fight thru becomes that much easier to win. BUT, every one you lose, the next one will become that much more challenging.

We will develop a sense of who we are based on what we do, and once we see ourselves as somebody who wins these fight thrus, we become immensely powerful. 

How To Win The Fight Thrus:

I’ve written about winning these tough moments on the blog before, but this in an idea I got from a book called Organize Tomorrow Today. The authors give as simple, actionable formula that I love. Check it out:

  1. Ask:
    1. How will you feel if you win the fight thru?
    2. How will you feel if you don’t win the fight thru?
      • This brings emotion into the equation and emotion promotes action
  2. Recognize: Recognize when you are in the “fight thru” stage – Remind yourself that it is important to win these because each fight thru win makes the next fight thru easier to win (or lose) – remember, it GETS EASIER.
  3. Ritualize: Schedule the new habit at the same time, everyday 
  4. Projection: Take 30 seconds, and think where your life will be in 5 years if you’re able to consistently win your fight thrus and make this positive change

Going through this process when you want to give up can give you the extra little motivation you need to keep pushing. It can provide the little inspiration you need to make some moves and create some things.

That’s all I got in the tank for today. Tomorrow will be another opportunity for me to win a fight thru. What’s something you’re trying to change? What is your biggest fight thru you have to win? Let me know in the comments below.  

1 thought on “What To Do When Change Gets Hard | Day 5 #30DayBlog Challenge

  1. Kaci Cheeseman Reply

    This is great… Hit me right between the eyes too with where I’m currently at. Big wins are (usually) merely a series of small wins practiced consistently, but we rarely recognize that. We are usually too overwhelmed by focusing on the large outcome to see what the next small step is and take it. When we actually do start stepping, the push back we get on those uncomfortable initial few steps sets in. It’s amazing how I can know it’s coming, and still end up fighting the mental battle of whether or not it’s worth it to keep going until momentum starts working in my favor. This was a good reminder that it is time to go back and read The Slight Edge again!

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