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Category: Leadership

Procrastination is a Choice | Day 25

I was just listening (along with 100,000 other people) to the Tim Ferris Podcast where he had best selling author, Malcolm Gladwell on as a guest. They discussed a lot of cool things, but there was one question in particular that stood out to me. Tim asked Malcolm how he handled writers block. As somebody who constantly stares at a blank…

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How To Deal With Criticism | Day 14 #30DayBlogBlitz

I recently had somebody very close to me give me some pretty honest feedback. I can’t lie; it stung. Receiving criticism, or “feedback,” doesn’t typically feel good to any of us. I was certainly jammed up after this person gave me some of their raw thoughts about me. When we receive criticism, our brains perceive it as a threat to our…

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The Productivity Formula: P.R.O.D.U.C.E.

In college, I use to walk to class with my earphones blasting the latest Drake or J. Cole lyrics. Sure, it’s a pretty cool party trick to know all the bars to a Cole verse, but it doesn’t add much value to life aside from that. As I’ve progressed through my 6-year college journey, I’ve started to move away from the…

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The Rider, The Elephant, & The Jungle: Keys To Positive Change

“Our dilemma is that we hate change & love it at the same time; what we really want is things to remain the same but get better.” ~Sam Harris It’s 8pm. I’m blaring some positive motivational speeches into my headphones. It’s nice to end my day with some Earl Nightingale or Jim Rohn rah-rah-dominate-life type of stuff. I’m getting excited…

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Quit Playing Scared

I was talking with someone close to me recently, and she was telling me how she overheard a mutual friend asking, “So what’s Danny doing with his life? Is he like, going to get a job or something? Why isn’t he using his degree?” Comments like this light up me insecurities. “That’s a good question. What am I doing with my…

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2 Lessons In Leadership From MLK

On January 30, 1956 in Montgomery, Alabama a young preacher was giving a speech at his church. It was about 9:30 in the evening when he noticed some uneasiness amongst the people in the church. After watching several of his fellow ministers walk in-and-out repeatedly, he pulled one aside to figure out what was going on. The minister hesitantly shared…

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