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Category: Motivation

The Spotlight Effect: Nobody Cares About You… And That’s a Good Thing

In 2011, I got into the online fitness world. I started running a site and was writing, tweeting, and posting all of the time. I thought it was a lot of fun, and I even started making some money at it. I had family members who were proud and friends who read everything I wrote. It was great. Then I…


What To Do Instead of Following Your Passion

I’m going to get extremely personal for a minute. Ready? One of my favorite things to do is put in my headphones, and do the dishes. Super embarrassing, I know, but it’s my thing. Get your own. I put on an audiobook or a podcast, or sometimes a J.Cole jam session, get that lavender dish soap flowin’ and start scrubbing.…

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Procrastination is a Choice | Day 25

I was just listening (along with 100,000 other people) to the Tim Ferris Podcast where he had best selling author, Malcolm Gladwell on as a guest. They discussed a lot of cool things, but there was one question in particular that stood out to me. Tim asked Malcolm how he handled writers block. As somebody who constantly stares at a blank…

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“Do it if you’re going to do it” | Day 15 #30DayBlogBlitz

“If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jen Sincero I was living in Winston-Salem, NC and I created a plan. The plan would call for the following: Quitting My job Moving down to Charlotte, NC (where I was going to school at the time) It was a great…

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4-Steps To More Motivation | Day 10 #30DayBlogBlitz

Most people I work with know what to do to move towards success. They know how to do it. They know the foods to eat, and the exercises to do. They know they should call their mom, eat more vegetables, and stop procrastinating.  They just don’t do it. “Not feeling motivated” is one of the most common struggles shared by…

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