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Category: Social Skills

The Social Skill That Makes You More Likable

Originally Posted on Elite Daily This past weekend I went to a wedding in Dallas, TX. It was a great time. The wedding was at the beautiful W Hotel, the drinks were flowing, and everybody was looking good, feeling good. I often (sorta) joke that I am going to offer services to be a “professional plus one” at weddings for…

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Quit Playing Scared

I was talking with someone close to me recently, and she was telling me how she overheard a mutual friend asking, “So what’s Danny doing with his life? Is he like, going to get a job or something? Why isn’t he using his degree?” Comments like this light up me insecurities. “That’s a good question. What am I doing with my…

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2 Lessons In Leadership From MLK

On January 30, 1956 in Montgomery, Alabama a young preacher was giving a speech at his church. It was about 9:30 in the evening when he noticed some uneasiness amongst the people in the church. After watching several of his fellow ministers walk in-and-out repeatedly, he pulled one aside to figure out what was going on. The minister hesitantly shared…

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