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Category: Success

Procrastination is a Choice | Day 25

I was just listening (along with 100,000 other people) to the Tim Ferris Podcast where he had best selling author, Malcolm Gladwell on as a guest. They discussed a lot of cool things, but there was one question in particular that stood out to me. Tim asked Malcolm how he handled writers block. As somebody who constantly stares at a blank…

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Beating Instant Gratification: Do The Hard Things | Day 21

“Do what is hard now, and life will be easy. Do what is easy now, and life will be hard.” I’ve been hitting the weights hard lately, and it feels great. There’s always something I’ve loved about lifting and working out. Objectively, it’s an odd thing to enjoy. Loading up a couple hundred pounds, putting it on your back and…

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“Do it if you’re going to do it” | Day 15 #30DayBlogBlitz

“If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jen Sincero I was living in Winston-Salem, NC and I created a plan. The plan would call for the following: Quitting My job Moving down to Charlotte, NC (where I was going to school at the time) It was a great…

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4-Steps To More Motivation | Day 10 #30DayBlogBlitz

Most people I work with know what to do to move towards success. They know how to do it. They know the foods to eat, and the exercises to do. They know they should call their mom, eat more vegetables, and stop procrastinating.  They just don’t do it. “Not feeling motivated” is one of the most common struggles shared by…

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What To Do When Change Gets Hard | Day 5 #30DayBlog Challenge

“Greatness is predicated on consistently doing things that other can’t or won’t. Simply put, success is not about being brilliant. It is about being consistent.” – Jason Selk, Tom Bartow, authors of Organize Tomorrow Today Let me be honest with you; I’ve spent the day lounging around with Pip the puppy, laughing with the ME Crew, watching Ali, and eating nonstop.…

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1+1 = 50,000 | Day 1 #30DayBlogBlitz

I’m out here in Santa Monica, California for the next month, and I have a single focus for how I want to spend my time: write my ass off. I am going to drop 30 posts over the next 30 days covering everything self-development. I’ll share ideas, thoughts, tips, tools, and experiences that deal will happiness, confidence, health, relationships, and…

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