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Quit Playing Scared

I was talking with someone close to me recently, and she was telling me how she overheard a mutual friend asking, “So what’s Danny doing with his life? Is he like, going to get a job or something? Why isn’t he using his degree?” Comments like this light up me insecurities. “That’s a good question. What am I doing with my…

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6 Tips For More Willpower & Self Control

As a personal trainer, I’ve seen many new clients come through our studio doors, looking vibrant, smiling from ear to ear. They are so excited to begin their new exercise program. They light up with how good their going to look in a few short months from now. Pretty soon all their friends will gather around to stare in awe…

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21 Will Smith Quotes On Success & Life

Will Smith is a dude who I look at with awe. He embodies growth, success, and confidence. When I’m having a down day, I tune into this video and the 21 quotes below. Enjoy! 1) I love living. I think that’s infectious. It’s something that you can’t fake. 2) Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive, God-like feature that only…

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Success: How to Be a Little Less Lazy and a Little Less Fearful

This morning, I woke up back in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where I spent the past 3 years living with my sister and brother-in-law. My sister is in Australia (where I’ll be headed this weekend!!!), so it’s just me and my bro-in-law, Jade. Last night, Jade and I relaxed over some pizza and wine and talked about everything from online business to…

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Mountains of Success

I am all settled in at the airport, about to return home to Charlotte, NC after a week with my girlfriend in Salt Lake City. Two days ago, we went out to the Timpanogos Mountains, and it was one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. As I sat there, taking in the combination of the brisk mountain…