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Category: Willpower

11 Rules of Life

  Rule #1: The “No Complaining” Rule The No Complaining Rule is self-explanatory: You’re not aloud to complain about your situation. No complaining. Period. You’re not allowed to complain to your mom, to your girlfriend, not even to your cat. This puts us in an interesting spot, doesn’t it? We no longer have that outlet to express what’s wrong with…

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3 Tools For Sticking With Your Goals

The more I write, the more fascinated I become with the topic of willpower. I can write about sleep, super-foods, and social skills for days, but the response from my readers and clients is always the same: “I know.”   I hate that response. “If you “know” then why are you still watching TV, skipping workouts, and pounding Doritos like they’re…

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