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Exercise For Busy People | Day 24

We were road-tripping from Winston-Salem, NC to Washington DC for a fitness conference. Along the way, we made plenty of pit stops. But these were not ordinary pit stops. Whereas a typical road trip stop includes a bathroom break and a bag of Cheetos, ours included stretching and something called a “blitz.” The idea comes from Dr. Jade Teta, founder of Metabolic Effect. A…

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My Workouts This Week 3.0 | Day 23

New week, new workouts. See what’s up with these.. Workout 1 Strength Movement: Snatch 4 (sets) x 8-12 (reps) Met Con: Complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes, rest for 2 minutes, and then do the same for the second movement.  Hang Snatch (5 min) – Yep, more snatch. Jade has me working the shoulder like crazy Power Clean-Push Press (5 min)…

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My Workouts This Week 2.0 | Day 16

Once again, I hit some nasty workouts this week with Jade & Gary. Try them at you own risk… Workout 1 Strength Movement: Snatch 5 (sets) x 1-5 (reps) Met Con: As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes Bear Complex (3x) – With a heavy-ass barbell, do the following: Deadlift/Power Clean/Front Squat/Push Press/Back Squat/Push Press — That’s one rep.. Do 3…

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My Workouts This Week | Day 8 #30DayBlogBlitz

Short and sweet post for the blog blitz today. I’m out in Santa Monica, California, and I’ve been hanging with my sister, Jill Coleman, and my boys Jade Teta and Gary Leake. If there is a common theme among this group it’s that they’re all fitness freaks. Lately, we’ve been doing workouts that are awesome for building muscle AND shedding fat,…

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