Quit Chirpin’ Start Doing

This past fall, my roommate was my younger brother, Connor.

Connor is a man of very few words. He just goes about his daily business, and keeps most of his thoughts to himself. But I like to talk. I like to share new things I learn. I like to bounce ideas off others. I like to share stories and think out loud. I like to announce my plans before I do them.

The problem was that I’d get excited about starting new things, but after the excitement wore off I’d just say forget it. After about 3 weeks, Connor looks at me, takes a deep breath and says,

“You know what dude, all you do is chirp. You just walk around the house chirpin.”

“Chirpin? What the hell does that mean?” I said.

“It means all you do is talk. I don’t want to hear it. I want to see you make some moves.”

The way he said it was in such a matter of fact way that I didn’t even lash out back at him. After reflecting on it for a minute, I knew he was right.

By the end of the semester, whenever one of us started chirpin around the house the other wouldn’t even respond. We’d just form our hand into the shape of a bird beak and open and close our hand like a bird chirpin.

This meant stop talking, and start making moves.

Don’t talk about how much money you can save. Just save it.

Don’t talk about how you’re going to start going to the gym 6 days per week. Just go.

Don’t tell your boyfriend/girlfriend how things are going to be different. Just be different.

Don’t “I’ll start on Monday.” You won’t. You’ll “do it tomorrow”? Yeah right.

Want to start a business, write a book, be a pilot, run a marathon, eat a giant cheeseburger in 10-minutes-or-less-and-get-it-free, then freakin’ do it.

Quit chirpin.

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