Is Coffee Good For You?

I often times hear people say things like “I am trying to only drink coffee two days per week” or “I am cutting down to one cup of coffee per day.” I myself, try to limit my coffee consumption everyday.

But is coffee really that bad for us? I know that after my morning coffee I am feeling alert, creative, and energized. I know that after a fun night out, a pack of bacon and a cup of coffee makes me feel a whole lot better. I know that if I have to study all night, and I drink coffee, I will be able to stay focused and awake.

So how can something that is so awesome be bad for me?

Is Coffee Good or Bad For Us??

The Answer: It depends..

Kind of a whack answer, huh? As humans, the last thing we want to hear when asking a question is uncertain answers. We always want to know the absolute correct answer. We crave certainty.

Unfortunately, that’s all I’ve got.. It depends on the individual. Some people can handle, and even benefit from coffee. While others are not so lucky.

The benefits tend to show up with individuals who are fast metabolizers of coffee. While people are slower metabolizers do not tend to see these benefits, and possibly even see some harmful effects. How can you tell if you are a fast or slow metabolizer?

Slow Metabolizers: One is WELL aware if he or she is slow to metabolize coffee. They get jittery, and are unable to sleep for the next 9 months after a small cup of coffee. If you are one of these people I recommend staying away from coffee, or at least limiting the amount you consume.

Fast metabolizers: People, like myself, who feel energized and focused with a morning cup of coffee are most likely fast metabolizers. Luckily, for us, we do not show the same correlation between coffee and disease, and we tend to be the ones who see the benefits!

Possible Negatives of Coffee:

Remember, these harmful effects tend to be found in people who are slow metabolizers.

  • Increased risk of having a miscarriage
  • Do not sleep as well
  • worse PMS symptoms
  • increased blood pressure
  • Increased risk of having a heart attack

Benefits of Coffee

  • Increased Performance: Both mental & physical. Coffee drinkers tend to do better on tests dealing with verbal memory and reaction time. Also, a cup of coffee pre-workout can help somebody workout harder because it lowers the rate of perceived exertion. Meaning it does not feel as if you are working as hard as you actually are. Research also shows that a cup of coffee pre-workout may increase fat burning properties in the cell. 
  • Coffee may decrease the risk of getting diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease
  • Antioxidants: Coffee is EXTREMELY high in antioxidants, and is found to (possibly) greatly reduce the risk of getting many types of cancers including oral, esophageal, pharyngeal, breast, liver, colon, and aggressive prostate cancer.
  • Mortality: This is no doubt the most bad ass thing I read: “A recent study in The New England Journal of Medicine showed that drinking two to three cups of coffee per day was associated with a 10% decreased risk of death for men at any age, and a 13% decreased risk of death for women at any age.” Crazy right?! I know that 10% doesn’t sound like a a whole lot, but I will take my 10% and roll with it!
It’s difficult to debate whether coffee is “good or evil” because of the difference in the individual. It’s cool to look at the research and think maybe it can help though. My main source was Precision Nutrition, and this article. If you’re interested go ahead and check it out.

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