Do What You Like

Last summer, there was an older man who use to sit outside at the local Starbucks. He always had a little foldable chess board and a box full of the pieces with him.

He’d unfold the board, place the pieces in their place, and sit there by himself waiting for people to walk by.

He’d always ask people if they had time to play a game of chess. Most people would pass on the game, but some would take a moment and play.

One day he called out at me, and with a thick Greek accent said, “Hey! You. With the blue shirt.”

“Yes?” I said.

“Do you play chess?”

“Not very well..”

“Ah, that’s alright. Sit down and play.”

Before we began the game he looked at me and says, “If I could tell you young people one thing, it’s to do what you like. If you’re not doing what you like then you’re wasting your time.”

He proceeds to beat me in about 4 moves, and sent me on my way.


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