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A Question About Priorities: How Do You Spend Your Time?

A few years ago, I was hiking up Stone Mountain in North Carolina with a few friends, and I put a hypothetical question out there for the group: “If you had one day to live, and time and money were not a limiting resource, how would you spend your day?” For instance, you could you hit Paris for breakfast and one of those…

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Want to Be Happy? Avoid These 3 Things

When I think about what I truly want to do in life, I always come back to “helping people feel better.” When somebody is sick, I want to share what I’ve learned from Metabolic Effect on how to recover quickly. If somebody is feeling down about how they look, I want to share one of the hundreds of programs I’ve written throughout…


What To Do Instead of Following Your Passion

I’m going to get extremely personal for a minute. Ready? One of my favorite things to do is put in my headphones, and do the dishes. Super embarrassing, I know, but it’s my thing. Get your own. I put on an audiobook or a podcast, or sometimes a J.Cole jam session, get that lavender dish soap flowin’ and start scrubbing.…

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5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself | Day 27

I think I first heard it said by Tony Robbins, but everybody and their cousin has said it in their self-development/success book, so it could have been anybody.  John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Bob the blogger, they’ve all said it. What is it? If you want better answers, ask better questions. It’s always sounded good to me, at least…

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Be Bored To Be Happy

So there’s this guy. You know him. I know him. But neither one of us has met him (stay with me). A Harvard classmate of his, said that he had an “amazing array of interests.” Outside of completing all of his homework, he was still able to carve out some time for boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding, dance, and poetry. He even published…

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Procrastination is a Choice | Day 25

I was just listening (along with 100,000 other people) to the Tim Ferris Podcast where he had best selling author, Malcolm Gladwell on as a guest. They discussed a lot of cool things, but there was one question in particular that stood out to me. Tim asked Malcolm how he handled writers block. As somebody who constantly stares at a blank…

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