The Psychic at the Bar | Day 18

I’m out in Hollywood today, hanging with Doris, a friend of mine from college. I can’t tell a lie, I’m feeling a little hungover today, and extremely uninspired. All I feel like doing is watching basketball highlights on YouTube and eating cheese puffs.

“I have a little cloud [hanging over my head]” as my family members would say. Too much vodka can do that to a man.

So I am just going to tell a short story, and the important reminder that came of it for today’s post.

Last night, Doris and I were on our way to the bar, and she spontaneously suggested that we go see a psychic in the morning.

I’d never been, and it sounded like fun, so I agreed.

A few hours and a couple cocktails down the road, a girl asks me my name and birthday. I tell her.

“Ah, a Sagittarius.” she says.

“That’s right.” I said.

“She’s a psychic.” Her friend chimes in. Coincidence? Perhaps. But what a fortunate one because now I can save my 20 bucks and have a beer while I listen to what my future holds. 

The psychic has me put in my birth day, time, and name into a web form that shoots out a chart with little pictures of animals and stars, and dots connected by lines.

Kinda like this one.


As she examines my chart, and the associated tarot cards (because why wouldn’t the psychic have tarot cards at the bar?), she starts off by telling me I’ll be famous in 13 years.

Okay, probably a good opener in a town like Hollywood where everybody is an aspiring actor, model, and writer. But not me. I’m just visiting and I actually aspire to not be famous. The “13 years” was oddly specific, but I smiled and let her go on. 

She stayed pretty general for awhile. She tells me that I have psychic energy of my own, and I need to tap into it. I need to say what’s on my mind more, and that she can sense I’ve been struggling lately.

My logical brain says that anybody could associate a piece of their personal story with those things. We could all be like,

“YES! I had a bad day just this week!”

“So true. I do need to say what’s on my mind more. I have so many brilliant opinions that the world should hear!”

Then, shit gets weird.

She says that my best medium for communicating is writing, and I need to continue to do that. She says to “keep working on that book you’re writing. It’s going to impact people’s lives.”

Whoa.. How did she know about my book project? Maybe she reads the blog, I rationalize. 

She says that she senses that I’m gypsy-like at the moment. That I am on the move. Which is true. Kels and I are homeless at the moment. Looking for a new city to live in.

She may have gotten lucky, she may have just tapped into my monkey-brain psychology, or she might actually be a wizard. I don’t know. I don’t care.

All I know is that over the next hour, Doris and I talked with this girl, and we both felt oddly inspired. We felt unusually powerful.

The point is that we all are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Sometimes we just need somebody to tell us. At this point in time, in this country, we have the ability to create anything we want in life. We can be whoever we want to be, and do whatever we want to do.

Yet most of us don’t because of fear or doubt.

We are all way cooler, way more fun, and way more talented than we give ourselves credit for.

Sometimes we just need a psychic in a bar to tell us we’re destined to do great things. That there is a unique energy within us that we need to tap into more. That if you just let go of self-doubt and fear, we can be as great as we day dream about.

So let me save you $20 and an hour of your time. You are powerful, man. You can manifest and create anything you want. You already have the skills. You’re already there. You’re smart enough, strong enough, tall, dark, and handsome enough. Start the business. Write the book. Ask the girl out. Just do it. Because you can. I can see it in you. I just feel like there is something special about you. You just have to let go of the fear and doubt.

Get to it.

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